INMOST – Beta Demo

INMOST is a hauntingly beautiful psychological horror platforming adventure that weaves a dark interconnected story through three uniquely skilled playable characters.

In INMOST you explore a beautifully animated nightmarish landscape full of gloopy tar-like monsters, lethal traps, secret passages and environmental puzzles. You take control of three unique characters, each with their own unique skills and their own storyline that interweaves with the others.

The first character is a young kid who uncovers the dark past of a creepy old house. Next is a wanderer who uses a variety of different items to solve puzzles and avoid monsters as he searches for answers. Last is a knight who slices and grapple-hooks his way through the ruins of a castle.

All three characters have very unique play-styles and the environmental puzzles are cleverly crafted around them. They also all have a quite slow paced and deliberate style of movement that makes for a very cinematic and cerebral experience. It’s quick thinking, rather than quick reflexes, that are the order of the day here.

The storytelling, pixel art animation and world design in INMOST are all flawless. Its beautiful and deadly world is a fascinating place to explore and the three playable characters add a lot of variety to the gameplay. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The INMOST Beta Demo Here (Steam)