Inokan – Game Jam Build


Inokan, a Ludum Dare 33 game, is a super tough action platformer in which you’re on a mission to free young souls from a strange, new dimension.

Inokan, the main character, has woken up in the Shadows Gnarled Dimension. This dimension is filled with souls of unholy intentions, trapped by the Lord of wandering shadows – Deformibus Tenebris. You must free these unholy souls, allowing them to travel back to the world which they came from.

Spirits guard these trapped souls, looking to stop you. They will appear around you if you stay in one place for too long, so keep moving forward. You are able to stab at these spirits or use a burst of magic that will knock them back a bit. You also have a dodge attack that speeds you in the direction you are running towards. These spirits will dive at you, hitting you with their ghostly hands. Watch your health, as once it is gone, the game is over. And there are no checkpoints.

As you go around each level, there are sometimes statues in the way that can be broken. Sometimes, items appear on the floor, from destroying the statues or enemies. These items can then appear in the achievement section at the main title screen, though they do not seem to be usable in game. Once you find a cage, with a soul inside, break the cage and set them free.

You’ll need some serious skill to free all of the unholy souls in this challenging pixel art platformer, and whatever you do, don’t stop moving!

Play Inokan in your browser HERE