Insatia – Alpha Download

Insatia game

Insatia is a superb (and slightly grotesque) creepy crawly bug munching game we first covered in December, that plays a little like a mixture of Snake and the Tron-lightcycles as you wiggle around eating bugs and other worms in a bloody fight for survival.

The previous build we covered did have quite a few bugs (not the creepy crawly kind) and wasn’t fully translated into English, but the latest build addresses these issues, and allows for some hugely satisfying worm-on-worm combat.

The rules of Insatia are simple, you press left and right to wiggle your worm and propel it forward, you can swallow anything that fits in its mouth, including segments of other worms.  As you eat, you’ll grow, but also lose manuverabliity, so don’t get too greedy!  There are various game modes, including races and trying to survive as a tiny bug surrounded by worms, but the most satisfying is the main game mode – where you eat bugs, eat the opposition and fight to be the last worm squirming!

With it’s brilliantly simple premise, gory visuals and innovative gameplay, Insatia is a blast.  Wonderful wormy fun, highly recommended.

Check out a video of some upcoming worm models HERE

Download the Insatia Alpha HERE