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Insatia game

Insatia is a wonderfully addictive game that takes the best bits of Snake and Tron-lightcycles and mixes them up into a rather grotesque worm-on-worm combat game.

The rules are fairly simple, your worm can swallow anything that fits in its mouth, including parts of other worms.  The more you eat, the more you grow, until you are able to consume everything in your path. You will lose maneuverability though, so don’t get too greedy!  Try to take one bite too many, and you might just end up losing your tail.

The controls feel perfect for a worm simulator, with you having to waggle left and right (either with keys or mouse) to move forward, and you also able to hold back to charge up an attack.  Not only does Insatia offer brutal worm-on-worm combat, it also shakes things up a bit, offering up different gameplay modes, such as races or playing as one of the little bugs that the worms prey on.

Currently in the Alpha stages of development, Insatia is already a blast to play, with an excellent soundtrack, suitably gory creepy crawly visuals and highly addictive one-more-go gameplay.  Wonderful wormy fun.


At the moment the default language is Russian, this can be easilly changed in the options menu to English or French though.  After you’ve entered your name. the settings menu is 2nd down on the start screen and the language change options are located in the top of the settings menu.  BUT, the game is far less stable when switched to a different language and may crash. (prob best to stick to Russian for now)

Download the Alpha HERE

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  1. Amazing! How you can play before I complete English localization? o_O There are some English localisation in old releases, but in new iteration 3.х there are not tested. You’re the real super spy!

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