Insatia – Beta Demo


Insatia is a very cool creepy crawly single player-focused carnivorous worm simulator in which you wriggle to move, eat to grow and fight to survive in a little bug-eat-bug ecosystem growing in a professors laboratory.

We first featured Insatia on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014 and found it to be a very addictive worm-on-worm combat game and it’s come a long way since then. The main conceit of the game is to eat everything that’s small enough to fit in your mouth, such as bugs and other worms (or even just the tails of other worms). The more you eat, the bigger you get, but the less manoeuvrable you are, and no matter how big you get, your tail’s always in danger of getting munched by a passing worm.

The worm-on-worm combat is very satisfying, but Insatia isn’t afraid to shake up the gameplay either, with you presented with a variety of different objectives throughout the story missions, such as races, laying eggs and even attempting help a defenceless little bug escape. The movement system in Insatia is also pretty unique, instead of just pushing forward to move forwards you actually have to wriggle, by alternating between the left and right buttons. It’s a fun system that makes everything feel that bit more authentically wormy. The visual and audio design are excellent throughout too, with the zoomed in creepy crawly battlegrounds teeming with lots of wriggly worms and other bugs, all of which emit a little splatter of goo and a satisfying squelch when they meet their maker.

It really is a joy wriggling around in Insatia’s brutal worm-eat-worm game world, with excellent audio and visual design (filled with splatters of goo and squelchy noises), and some thoroughly addictive, wriggly bug munching gameplay. Wonderfully wormy fun that’s well worth checking out.

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Download The Insatia Beta Here (Windows)