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Insatiable Game Download

Insatiable is a very stylish mix of third person exploration and intense top down bullet hell combat that draws inspiration from Devil May Cry, Furi and Nuclear Throne as you blast your way through areas and attempt to single-handedly end a global war between humans and man-made mutants.

Insatiable features a unique blend of third person exploration and top-down bullet hell combat with seamless transition between the two depending on wether there are enemies in the room to blast. When you first transition from the third person perspective to the 2D top down perspective it can be a little jarring if you’re not expecting it as all of a sudden things get very intense and you go from admiring the stylish cel shaded scenery to kicking cyber-mutant ass. Once you get to grips with the unique blend of perspectives and gameplay styles you soon settle into a rhythm though – blasting baddies, exploring, then going on to the next area to blast more baddies.

It’s still early in development, but the visuals are already very impressive and the twin-stick bullet hell combat is wonderfully fast, fun and frantic. There are only two weapons at the moment (dual wielding-pistols and a shotgun) but they’re very satisfying to use, particularly in unison with your Shadow Dash and Timetwister abilities (the later of which acts as a kind of slow-mo time grenade). It’s a fun game, that shows a lot of promise with its cool visuals, interesting game world, challenging enemies and intense combat. Slick and stylish cyber-mutant blasting fun!

Download The Insatiable Alpha Here (Windows)

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