Inscryption – Beta Demo

Inscryption is a dark, twisted and secret-filled horror deckbuilding roguelite where you attempt to escape from the cabin of a madman who imprisons people in his cards.

In Inscryption you find yourself sitting at a table opposite a mysterious man who challenges you to card-based battles as you travel along a map that’s laid out on the table. You can also get up from the table and walk around the man’s cabin and solve room-escape-esque puzzles. However, it may not be a surprise that as it’s developed by Daniel Mullins (creator of The Hex and Pony Island), there’s MUCH more to it than that. There are talking cards, tons of secrets and a subplot about the whole game being played on some old discarded floppy disks.

Even the demo is packed full of content that can take hours to unravel. There’s lots of interesting secrets and lore to discover and there’s even a secret boss and secret endings to find. What’s more, the actual core card game in Inscryption is one of the best single-player card game experiences you’re ever likely to play. There’s a huge amount of depth and a wide array of different ways you can tilt the scales in your favor. It’s the sort of game that invades your consciousness and keeps you puzzling over its mysteries even while you’re not playing it. Even after several hours in you’ll have a feeling that you’ve just scratched the surface of what’s really going on below. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Inscryption Beta Demo Here (Steam)