Inside My Radio – Prototype Download

inside my radio

Inside My Radio is a very cool music based platformer where you can only perform jumps, wall-jumps and dashes in time with the beats of the song.

You control a little green guy living inside a broken boombox, who sets out on a quest to fix it.  You’ll travel through various different musical worlds on this adventure, all the while all of your  actions must be synchronized with the beat of the music.

The Prototype was created for Ludum Dare#23 where it won both the Overall and Audio prizes in the Jam category and came in second in both Coolness and Innovation, and is now being made into a full game.  The audio and visual design are excellent, with the whole world pulsing to the beat of the excellent soundtrack.

As you can only perform moves to the beat of the music, even simple jumps can be tricky, especially if (like me) you’ve got no rhythm.  But if you press F1, it’ll bring up a handy visual timing meter, that will assist the rhythmically challenged.

It’s a great blend of rhythm action and platforming mechanics, with vibrant visuals and a kick ass soundtrack.  Jump to the Beat!

Visit the Official Website HERE

Download the award winning Prototype HERE (Press F1 if you have no rhythm)