Insignia – Alpha Demo

Insignia is a charming and challenging old school 2D action RPG adventure that sees a young man grudgingly attempting to become a blacksmith after the villages’ previous blacksmith (his father) went missing a year ago.

You start Insignia in an idyllic medieval fantasy village where everyone’s trade is predetermined by the trade of their parents, and men of practical trades are sanctioned to travel the land plying their trade. Your father was a blacksmith who went missing on an excursion a year ago, and now it has befallen to you to take up his trade and set out into the world. You’re not too keen on becoming a blacksmith and know very little about it, but soon that may be the least of your troubles…

Insignia features a nice mixture of exploring, chatting to NPC’s, discovering secrets and hack n’ slash action platforming gameplay. The combat does seem to lack a little finesse at the moment, with slight delays before dodging and jumping making it hard to evade attacks, but it’s a very promising start. The pixel artwork is fantastic, the narrative is intriguing, the characters are interesting and the writing is very witty. The beginnings of an epic adventure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Insignia Alpha Demo Here (Windows)