InSomnia – Prologue Download


InSomnia, being created by Mono, is a dark, retro-futuristic RPG title that features gorgeous and gritty Unreal Engine 4-powered visuals, a killer musical score, lots of interaction and on the fly combat.

In the InSomnia Prologue you play as a gun for hire named Typer. You receive a call from ‘an old friend’ that gives you details on a package that he wishes for you to deliver without incident. Willing to accept the job, you grab your weapons and a tool kit to help you on your journey. Along your way you’ll meet interesting characters of all sorts, have to deal with the SORG army and at the same time manage to get the parcel to its destination with your head still attached.

InSomnia boasts a beautiful, yet gritty retro-futuristic backdrop, full of Blade Runner-esque flashing neon signs, darkened streets and alleyways and militant guards patrolling the area. The above ground sector has a lot going on too, with people located all over the place willing to talk to the player and give helpful hints that can help the player progress through the story. InSomnia design choices coincide with the musical score that has been composed for it, making a perfect blend of harmony and visuals that will have you drooling for long periods at a time.

The character movement in InSomnia can take a little to get used to. As with most games you use the WASD keys to move around but the mouse is used to turn the player left and right instead of using A and D or Q and E. Getting used to the camera controls while in combat is tricky, but with a little training (that can be done in Typer’s Shelter) you’ll slowly get a grasp on how the game handles and what the general experience of the game is going to be like. Combat in InSomnia is fast paced, and unlike the traditional style of turn based combat we see in most RPGs/J-RPGs this instead opts for real-time combat, making you have to think on the fly instead of having several minutes to think of a strategy.

InSomnia’s atmosphere, beautiful scenery and fighting mechanics will have you falling in love with this title in no time.  A dark and gritty sci-fi RPG that you can really sink your teeth into.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available