Insomnia: Theater In The Head – Beta Demo

Insomnia: Theater In The Head is a stylish and surreal hand-painted point and click puzzle adventure where a young woman attempts to deal with the many things that are causing her insomnia.

In Insomnia: Theater In The Head you follow the story of a woman who’s lying in bed and attempting to get to sleep. However, there are too many things vying for attention in her head for her to achieve a peaceful slumber (including a delightfully annoying manifestation of inner self). She’ll have to try and clear her head before she gets any shut-eye, which you do by solving puzzles in a series of hand-painted scenes.

It’s a charming game with inventive puzzle design, vibrant visuals and a fun sense of humor. There’s a real playfulness to the game design and even though it’s dealing with real mental issues (stress, anxiety, etc) it still manages to be an upbeat and joyful experience.

Download The Insomnia: Theater In The Head Beta Demo Here (Steam)