Insurmountable – Alpha Demo

Insurmountable is a tactical roguelike adventure where you fight the elements, rather than monsters, as you attempt to scale a huge snow-capped mountain.

In Insurmountable you take control of a mountain-climber who has been sent to climb the forbidden mountains to satiate Old Powers and save his village. At the start of the game you can choose from a loadout of useful items (a torch, a tent, snowshoes, gloves , etc) that will aid your journey then you set out into the frostbitten procedurally generated mountainscape.

Insurmountable is entirely mouse controlled, with you clicking on the areas you want yoru climber to move to as he makes his ascent. Your actions and the environment affect your body heat, energy, mental health and physical health – all of which you have to keep an eye on if you want to survive. Along the way you’ll visit points of interest that trigger different events, ranging from you finding food to having visions and avoiding rockslides.

It’s a fantastic concept and it makes for a very addictive experience as you fight off cold, hunger and exhaustion while making your ascent. It’s an easily accessible and very unique roguelike adventure well worth scaling.

Download The Insurmountable Alpha Demo Here (Steam)