Interference – Alpha Demo

Interference is an atmospheric first person thriller where you work as a security guard for a top secret research facility while all hell breaks loose.

In Interference you may be a night shift security guard who is confined to their little security booth while a disaster occurs in the main facility. It’s a narrative driven experience where you chat to your friend over the radio and use equipment in your security booth to help her survive as the research facility that you’re guarding is attacked by crazed cultists.

It seems the research facility may be dabbling in things best left alone and some employees have recounted some worrying side-effects. It’s likely the attack by the cultists may unleash something very bad, but thankfully your security booth is located at the entrance gate and is far away from the facility. From the comfort of your security booth you can chat to your close friend who works there and use the computer, pin-board map and other equipment to try and help her escape alive. Or you can just totally ignore her and mess around with the various toys, puzzles and other interactable objects in your booth! The story continues no matter what you do, but your actions will have consequences and can save lives.

The current demo build of Interference takes around 10 minutes to play through and really impresses with its high quality voice acting and amount of detail in your environment. You are confined to your little security booth the whole time, but it’s packed full of fun things to interact with – from word-searches, to watching a cheesy Sci-Fi B-movie or just bopping away to tunes on the radio. Whether you goof off or help out, the story unfolds in real-time and although you don’t see much of the disaster yourself, the quality of the voice acting does a great job of relaying the peril they’re in. It’s a clever piece of dramatic storytelling that immerses you in your environment and allows you to vividly imagine the disaster that’s unfolding without ever seeing any of it. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Interference Alpha Demo Here (Steam)