Interference is a very cool cyberpunk/tech-noir stealthy puzzle Metroidvania platformer that draws favourable compariusons to Flashback, Mark of the Ninja and Gunpoint.  Set in a place where citizens’ rights have been replaced by totalitarianism, oppression, and a robotic police force, your character joins up with a cyberterrorist group called the ‘interferers’ to find out whats really going on in the city.

Your character cannot kill, so stealth and skill are required to navigate the world.  You also have the power to manipulate your enviroment, moving sections around to aid your passage and avoid discovery, it’s a great mechanic that really adds interesting puzzle elements to the gameplay.

Interference is a great slice of 2D neon noir, with similarities to Flashback, with plenty of great new ideas of it’s own.

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Download the Pre-Alpha Demo HERE (Windows, Mac & Linux)