Intergalactic Wizard Force – Game Jam Build Download

Intergalactic Wizard Force is a hilarious little point and click adventure which follows two rather inept “galactic wizards” as they set out on an adventure on a planet of labyrinths.

Created for the AdventureX Jam by the talented people at Powerhoof (creators of The Drifter, Peridium and You’re Watching ICEBOX!) Intergalactic Wizard Force is a short and hilariously silly point and click adventure that draws inspiration from classic Saturday morning cartoons like He-Man. The game follows one of the serialised adventures of two galactic wizards – the musclebound dimwit Prince Zandar and the shrewd and shifty Maldrek. They’ve been called out to a planet of labyrinths on a mission, but something strange is afoot and Maldrek knows more than he’s letting on…

There’s a Sam & Max-esque dynamic to the way Prince Zandar and Maldrek interact and you can switch between controlling them at any point. They both have their own set of magic spells which you can use to solve puzzles, though hilariously, there’s not a whole lot of magic to the spells!

As you’d expect from a Powerhoof joint, the pixel art, voice acting and humor are all superb. The Saturday morning cartoon theme works really well, the characters are all a lot of fun and it’s packed full of hilarious gags. Zandar and Maldrek may be pretty terrible wizards but they sure are a lot of fun to hang out with. Highly recommended.

Download Intergalactic Wizard Force Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)