Interloper – Open Beta (Steam)

Interloper is a unique streamlined RTS that we first covered last August, in which alien tribes battle for supremacy across beautiful neon maze-like battlegrounds in fast paced five-minute-long matches.

In the game, you control one of three alien tribes who are battling for control of a newly discovered world.  As the battles only last for five minutes, every second counts in this as you strategically capture domains on the map.  The devs have set out to streamline the RTS mechanics to create a fast paced and focused experience full of action, that doesn’t sacrifice strategic depth.  The result breathes a breath of fresh air into the RTS genre, offering up fast, fun battles with plenty of tactical options and beautiful neon visuals.

Interloper has now gone into Open Beta, it features cross platform play on Windows, Mac and Linux and will be playable until February the 1st.  Would be Interlopers can sign up via the link below, Steam Beta keys will be sent out in due course.

Sign Up For the Open Beta HERE (Win, Mac & Linux – Steam Keys will be sent out)

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    • That’s weird, they just released a press release last week saying it was an Open Beta. Maybe they’ve run out of Steam keys to give out. Thanks for the heads-up though! :)

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