Interminal – Game Jam Build Download

Interminal is an oddly relaxing game where you wander through an infinite duty free shop in an airport and browse through lots of delightfully pretentiously named procedurally generated perfume.

Created for PROCJAM 2020, Interminal is a serene little game set within an infinite procedurally generated airport. You can wander around and look out as planes taxi around outside and you can also do what most people do while stuck in an airport – have a look at what the duty free shop has to offer!

Much like the airport itself, the duty free shop in Interminal is infinite and procedurally generated. It’s stocked entirely with procedurally generated perfume and aftershave, each of which has its own unique box and pretentious French sounding name. If you see one you like you can take it out and continue your journey through the airport.

Airports are very rarely relaxing places, but there’s something about the beautiful scenery, the baletic way the planes taxi around outside and the fact that there’s nobody else there to disturb you that makes Interminal an oddly tranquil and cozy experience. It’s fun to see what different procedurally generated perfumes pop-up as you wander around its beautiful infinite airport and it’s nice to not have to worry about missing a plane!

Download Interminal Here (Windows & Mac)