Intersection – Prototype Download

Intersection game

Intersection is an inventive puzzle platformer in which you traverse two separate 2D environments at the same time – like a 3D platformer but you can control the x and y axis independently.

It’s an interesting (if rather hard to explain) concept, in which you must manipulate both 2D environments in order to help your character traverse obstacles and line up both planes in a specific way.  This sounds complicated but it’s remarkably easy to get to grips with – although later levels can be very punishing.

Still very early in development, Intersection’s unique concept and striking visuals already impress.  We’re not sure what to call it (a 2.5D platformer? A double 2D platformer? A 2x2D platformer?), but its definitely very cool.  The dev is very keen to hear any feedback about graphical style, camera controls and puzzle ideas (audio is a placeholder).  You can leave feedback in the comments below, or contact him via Twitter.

Check Out a Gameplay Trailer HERE

Download The Win 64 bit Prototype HERE, Win 32 bit HERE & Mac HERE