INTERSTELLAR PRIME is a very ambitious Sci-Fi RPG, that blends simulation, 3rd person exploration, RTS elements and starship piloting as you attempt to make your way across the galaxy.

You start INTERSTELLAR PRIME in our Solar system, with the Earth no longer accessible due to all the debris from failed space ventures in orbit around it. You take on the role of a young starship captain who must now attempt to make their way across the galaxy to a rumored advanced civilization of humans on Alpha Centauri.

It’s clearly still very early in development but there’s a lot to like about INTERSTELLAR PRIME. It combines RPG, simulation and RTS elements, and you’re given complete freedom to wander around your spaceship (and surrounding area) or you can just jump in the captain’s seat and take it for a spin. A particular highlight is early on in the tutorial where you can fly around a damaged spaceship and then lock in your boots so that you can walk around the interior.

It does have a lot of rough edges at the moment but it’s an interesting project with a very ambitious scope. A little like Mass Effect, but with a whole lot more freedom to do what you want to do.

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