Into Solace – Beta Download

Into Solace is a beautiful and creepy narrative-driven psychological adventure about a father who struggles with blackouts.

In Into Solace you are a troubled father who has struggled with a condition that causes blackouts for most of his life. The game sees you attending a therapy session where you’ll work through your forgotten memories and even change events of the past.

There’s a big focus on puzzles in Into Solace. They’re jigsaw-esque puzzles, but with Tetris style pieces that you can lay on top of each other to create new colors. You don’t need to fill the entire grid, but you do need to make sure certain squares are the correct colors.

It’s a very impressive game, with a 4-6 hour play time, stunning PS1 inspired visuals, an intriguing narrative and creative puzzle mechanics. A surreal dream-like psychotherapy session with a lot to contemplate.

Download The Into Solace Beta Here (Windows)