Into the Pit – Beta Demo

Into the Pit is a very stylish Lovecraftian retro FPS roguelite where you dive deep into a demonic portal in search of your missing cousin.

In Into the Pit you are part of a family of lore-hunting mystics who search the land for occult anomalies. Your cousin was investigating rumors of a demonic pit in a cursed village, but now she seems to have disappeared. You now need to delve deep into the pit, battle Eldritch monsters, upgrade your powers and hopefully find your cousin.

The pit in Into the Pit is divided into levels, and you need to beat four chambers on each level to progress to the next level (or ascend back to the surface). You fight the Eldritch monsters using powerful spells that you can equip to each hand (mapped to LMB and RMB). You earn a new perk/ability for every chamber you beat and you can rescue villagers to unlock permanent upgrades. You can also mix keys and runes that you collect to alter the parameters of the pit, allowing you to tailor the amount of challenge to your preferences.

Roguelikes can often be fairly shallow experiences, but there’s a lot of depth to Into the Pit, both in terms of lore and gameplay. The purple hued visuals are beautiful and the combat feels really good. If you’re looking for some high quality spell-based retro-FPS action you won’t regret delving Into the Pit.

Download The Into the Pit Beta Demo Here (Steam)