Inua – Student Project Game

Inua is a beautiful first person puzzle platforming adventure where you use the power of fire and ice to make your way through an ancient volcanic temple.

In Inua you take control of Kaya, a young Shaman woman who is embarking on a right of passage that involves her venturing into an ancient volcanic temple to obtain her totem element. The totem element is supposed to be an expression of a Shaman’s nature, but as she makes her way through she is granted the power of both ice and fire. What does it mean?

The narrative in Inua is actually fairly minimal – in fact you actively have to search it out by finding the various optional hidden scrolls in each area. You are able to wield the power of ice in your left hand and (later in the game) fire in your right. You need to use these elemental powers to help you freeze, unfreeze and set fire to things and allow you to make your way through the temple.

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, Inua really impresses with its high quality visuals and inventive puzzle design. Your elemental powers are great fun to use, particularly being able to freeze the water/lava in front of you as you walk on it. The puzzles are all intuitive, logical and well crafted, and the final few will offer a real test of your grey matter. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Inua Here (Windows)