Invert – Alpha Demo


Invert, a game being created by Gkxd, is a 2D mind-bending puzzle platformer that will test your patience and puzzle skills to the extreme.

The game starts out simply, using the arrow keys to move left and right and the up key to jump will help you navigate the small platforming stages. However the further you get into the game the harder and more complex each level becomes. They start to introduce Gravity mechanics which will see your character jumping from clear coloured backgrounds into black shaped that alter the gravity of your character. This mechanic can throw a spanner into the works when navigating the first set of puzzles you learn to use it in. The puzzles don’t stop there however, with each level getting harder to navigate due to added blocks and blending gravity hot spots and laser beams placed in despicable places that will explode your character upon impact.

The art style of the game maybe simplistic when it comes to the character and object colour schemes but where that lacks other things shine. The backgrounds are all colourfully lit up with hues of orange and blue, often showing off a kaleidoscope effect of varying shapes. The music also adds to your gaming experience, with retro chiptunes and adrenaline pumping beats. Each puzzle will not only test your skill, but also try your patience with the difficulty ramping up at a steady pace from the word go.

Invert’s game style was certainly inspired by other games such as VVVVVV and Aether, but it takes those inspirations and makes it its own. This game will have you either playing until your heart’s content or smashing your keyboard out of pure frustration.

Checkout The Greenlight Page and Download The Demo Here