INZIPID – Pre-Alpha Demo

INZIPID is a stylish Inside-esque 2.5D puzzle platforming adventure that sees you controlling the last intelligent robot in dying robotic world.

As in Inside, INZIPID combines 3D visuals with 2D character movement as you traverse its dangerous world. You control a little robot – the last sentient being on the planet and the last thing alive that contains a soul. Life has all been but destroyed on this planet and now all that remains is the automated mechanisms that grind away.

Anyone who’s ever played any of Playdead’s games will feel immediately at home with the gameplay in INZIPID. Your little robot isn’t the most agile of machines but can walk, jump, climb and interact with objects. The world is fraught with hazards so you’ll die quite often, but with a little experimentation and problem solving you’ll make it through.

The full version of INZIPID isn’t due for release until November 2018, so the current build is pretty early in development, but it’s already very impressive. The puzzles and the visuals are well implemented and you really feel for your lonely little robot as it traverses the cold mechanical world. A well crafted puzzle platforming adventure well worth checking out.

Download The INZIPID Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)