IO Interloper – Pre-Alpha Download

IO Interloper is a very cleverly crafted corporate espionage sim that sees you hacking into phones, computers, cameras, doors and drones as you attempt to steal valuable company secrets.

In IO Interloper you take on the role of a hacker who can infiltrate an office building and steal secrets from the comfort of your computer desktop. The current pre-alpha build features one mission that takes around 45 minutes to complete and sees you attempting to use drones to steal a briefcase from the boss’s office then transport it to a nearby open window for collection.

You’ll need to hack into phones and computer systems for passwords, then use the passwords to unlock doors, access cameras and activate drones. The drones and cameras can be used to figure out more passwords and eventually grab the briefcase and transport it to the pick up point. The drones have no onboard cameras though so you’ll need to use the security cameras to help guide them.

Even in these early stages of development IO Interloper is a very polished and immersive experience. Hacking games can often get bogged down in typing command codes into consoles and can make you feel a little detached from the action, but as IO Interloper requires you use multiple systems to steal something physical (the briefcase) it makes for a much more interesting experience. You get a nice sense of achievement as you figure out a new code or pull off a particularly skilful manoeuvre with a drone. Highly recommended high tech hacking.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download IO Interloper Pre-Alpha Build Here (Windows & Mac)