IOSoccer – Beta Download

IOSoccer (International Online Soccer) is a simple looking, but oddly enjoyable multiplayer soccer game that started life as a Half-Life mod and sees each player controlling an individual footballer on the pitch.

Originally released as a Half-Life mod 15 years ago, IOSoccer has since been ported to Source Engine and completely re-written, with new character models and a variety of new features. Don’t expect all the bells and whistles of a FIFA game though – IOSoccer features a simple, but fun take on the world’s most popular ball sport.

IOSoccer supports matches from 1v1 to 11v11, with each footballer being controlled by individual players. It can be a little confusing initially, with a high learning curve and a control scheme that requires a few matches to get used to. It shares more in common with Rocket League than FIFA with you viewing the match from your players perspective and the ball not sticking to your feet (you can dribble by holding the left mouse button, but it just knocks the ball a little in front of you.)

If you’re looking for high fidelity visuals and silky smooth player animation then you’re best off sticking with FIFA, but if you want a more social soccer experience with a bit more character then it’s certainly worth checking out IOSoccer. It takes some time to master it as it feels like you’re relearning how to play a soccer game, but once you get to grips with it then it’s a blast.

Note: We highly recommend playing the tutorial first to get used to the controls.

Download The IOSoccer Beta Here (Steam)