Iris: A Colorful Dream – Alpha Demo

Iris: A Colorful Dream is a beautiful third person puzzle platforming adventure where you bring color back to a colorless world.

In Iris: A Colorful Dream you follow the adventure of Iris, a small colorless being whose world has been dull and colorless for as long as it can remember. However, there are stories that tell of a time when the world was drenched in warm sunlight and vibrant colors. Inspired by these stories, Iris sets out to see if they can bring back a little color to their monochrome world.

The puzzle platforming gameplay in Iris: A Colorful Dream is fairly easy to pick up, with you able to run, wall-run, dash and slide as you explore the world. You also discover new colors as you explore, which you can use to reveal hidden objects and hidden pathways.

It does have some pretty severe framerate/optimization issues at the moment, but other than that it’s a very promising game. The art style and animation are beautiful and it’s a real pleasure to vee the vibrant colors as they burst across Iris’ colorless world.

Download The Iris: A Colorful Dream Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Linux)