Iron Harvest – Open Beta

Now in Open Beta on PC, Iron Harvest is a dieselpunk real-time strategy game, where you command soldiers and big dirty diesel-powered mechs into battle in an alternate reality 1920’s.

Iron Harvest is a gorgeous looking RTS from KING Art (creators of The Dwarves and The Unwritten Tales series), which aims to deliver a classic real-time strategy experience in its grims alternate reality dieselpunk world. It takes place just after WWI, with the wrecks of damaged mechs still lying in the battlefield and sees a new threat emerging that may destabilize Europe. You will lead your soldiers and a wide variety of diesel powered mechs into battle to vanquish the enemy and save the continent.

The Iron Harvest Open Beta features a chunk of the single-player campaign as well as skirmishes, challenges and 2v2, 2v2 and 3v3 multiplayer game modes. There are two (of the three in the full game) unique factions to choose from, each with unique unit types and uniquely skilled heroes. To succeed you’ll need to conquer resource points, fortify your base, research new tech and crush your enemies with a mixture of soldiers and mechs.

It looks absolutely incredible and plays a little like a dieselpunk Command & Conquer (which is no bad thing). It really embraces its classic RTS roots and delivers strategic and spectacle-filled battles. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Iron Harvest Open Beta Here (Steam)