Iron Meat – Alpha Demo

Iron Meat is a stylish and challenging Contra inspired old school run n’ gun action platformer where your lone soldier blasts his way through an army made of flesh, bone and steel.

We featured an earlier build of Iron Meat on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January and found it to be a fun and an extremely challenging slice of old-school run n’ gun arcade action. Thankfully the difficulty level has been reduced a little (thanks largely to a more generous life count), and this latest build also features upgraded visuals and fleshy new enemies that really put the “Meat” in Iron Meat.

The current build of Iron Meat features two full levels, complete with mini-bosses and bosses to dispatch. The first stage is a traditional side-scrolling experience while the second level shakes things up a bit by giving you a large tower to vertically climb up. The pixel art animation is excellent throughout and there’s a nice variety of weapons to use and enemies to dispatch.

Iron Meat is shaping up to be a great throwback to the NES era of Contra style action platforming. It’s tough, but not unfairly so, with success is based on skill, quick thinking and memorising attack patterns. The blend of flesh and steel in the game world works well and bosses in the second level are particularly creative. A super slice of old school run n’ gun arcade action well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Iron Meat Alpha Demo Here (Windows)