Iron Meat – Alpha Download

Iron Meat is a Contra style 2D run n’ gun arcade shooter, with lots of power-ups, challenging gameplay and big bosses to blast.

The current build of Iron Meat features two full levels – one traditional side-scrolling one set in a forest and one vertically scrolling one where you attempt to climb a tower. It follows all the traditional Contra rules – fast paced run n’ gun arcade gameplay, no twin-stick aiming, a variety of different power-ups, big boss fights and it only takes a single shot to kill you.

It only takes a few seconds of playing Iron Meat to figure out that it’s is essentially a Contra game in all but name. That’s no bad thing though as Konami sure aren’t interested in making Contra games any more, so it’s nice someone is. It’s a great little slice of old school arcade action, perfect for anyone hungering for a new Contra game.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Iron Meat Alpha Here (Windows)