Iron Snout – Beta Build

iron snout game

Iron Snout is a cute beat’ em where you play as a pig defending itself against a never-ending onslaught of meat cleaver-bearing wolves.

Iron Snout’s gameplay is very basic. You can punch, kick, duck, and jump using WASD to block or avoid the wolves attacks. Wolves come in multiple varieties including wolves riding rockets, sprinting reindeer wolves, and wolves that chuck their cleavers at you. The waves of enemies very quickly become overwhelming so you’ll need to be constantly pressing keys and manoeuvring your pork pal in anticipation of the next wolf in line. If you’re quick on the draw, you’ll also be able to nab the wolves’ weapons (and sometimes body parts) and use them to deal serious damage back at the horde.

Iron Snout is a silly, little game that makes for a perfect time-waster if you want a bit of mindless button-mashing fun. The game’s developer SnoutUp has other games already in the pipeline so we’re looking forward to seeing more quirky games from them in the future!

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Play or Download Iron Snout Here (Win, Mac, Mobile & Browser)