Iron Tides – Alpha Download

Iron Tides

Iron Tides is a Viking-based rogue-lite adventure that blends survival, tactics and resource management as you command a band of loot-hungry Viking warriors through stormy seas and strategic battles.

Being Vikings, there’s nothing your band of warriors love more than looting and pillaging. They’re not just motivated by greed – all their ill-gotten gains are used to revive and upgrade their home town – taking it from impoverished squalor to a powerful force in the Viking empire.

In the game you explore and sail through the unforgiving seas, trade, prioritise resources, discover secrets, collect loot and take part in strategic turn based battles. There’s a welcome amount of strategy to the grid based battles, with you utilising your different character classes in different ways, and using their special abilities to turn the tide of battle.  There’s also a nice amount of uncertainty about each battle too, as enemy re-enforcements can drop in at a moments notice.

It’s still early in development, but Iron Tides impresses with its easily accessible turn based combat and fun sea-faring rogue-lite world exploration.  A strategic high seas adventure well worth checking out!

Note: The downloadable builds will be updated throughout the games development cycle, so be sure to sign up for more updates to stay in the loop.  The Devs are very keen to hear player feedback and would greatly appreciate it if testers could follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Download The Iron Tides Alpha Via This Page Made Especially For ABG Followers!