Iron Tides – Pre-Alpha Demo & Steam Key Giveaway


Iron Tides is a great rogue-lite adventure that blends elements of survival, resource management and turn based tactics as you sail your band of Vikings around the seas looting and pillaging as they go.

We first featured Iron Tides a couple of months ago, and were very impressed with the easily accessible strategic gameplay and the fun visual style. Since then the devs have added a whole host of improvements and have even implemented a full single player campaign mission to test your plundering skills.

The Iron Tides devs have also launched their Kickstarter campaign, and to celebrate they’ll be giving away special features and Steam Keys to players who complete the single player campaign level by defeating the warlord in the fortress while keeping all four of their band of Vikings alive (just tag @IronTides in your tweet with your photo evidence). And even if you don’t complete the objectives you can enter your email in the box at the bottom of the demo download page to win exclusive in game content! So what are you waiting for? Draw anchor and brace the main sails – there’s loot to be plundered!!

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Download The Pre-Alpha Demo & Learn More About The Giveaway Here