Is This Game Trying to Kill Me? – Prologue Download

Is This Game Trying to Kill Me? is a clever first person horror game where you play a game within a game that’s trying to kill you.

In Is This Game Trying to Kill Me? You’re locked in a mysterious cabin in the middle of a woodland and your host/captor is not letting you leave until you play a game first. The game in question is a retro top-down dungeon-crawling puzzle game, and you play it on a PC within the game. However, elements from the game bleed into the “real” world. Sometimes this can be helpful, but sometimes it can be deadly!

The Is This Game Trying to Kill Me? prologue takes around 30 minutes to play through and really impresses with its clever game-within-a-game puzzles and game mechanics. Each puzzle is unique and makes inventive use of the environment, and although it’s not particularly scary, there’s a nice spooky atmosphere and plenty of ways to die. Highly recommended.

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Download TheIs This Game Trying To Kill Me? Prologue Here (Steam)