Isabelle – Game Jam Build

Isabelle is a creepy occult first person adventure set in the Dark Ages within a warren of tunnels that hide the grim story of a young girl who was accused of being a witch.

In Isabelle you find yourself trapped in an old tunnel system after dropping down from from an opening above. As you explore you discover old journals left by the advisor of a renowned Baron, whose daughter was believed to be consorting with witches. You learn more of the macabre events that unfolded with each new journal you find, but they happened 20 years ago, surely there’s nothing to fear now?

The gameplay in Isabelle is fairly simple – just explore the cave system, read the journals, unlock doors and search for some way to escape. It’s a very atmospheric and claustrophobic experience as you make your way through the cave system. The light that the candlesticks give out is very minimal, but you still cling onto them for all your worth as they’re often the only thing between you and the pitch black darkness that surrounds you. The scares are scripted, but effective and add to the experience rather than feeling cheap.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, it’s a tense little horror adventure with an interesting narrative and a great sense of atmosphere. It’d be nice to discover more of Isabelle’s story in the future, though the thought of going back into those tunnels is a little perturbing!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Isabelle Here (Windows)