Isoid – Game Jam Build


Isoid, a retro game made for the MiniLD #63, is a very cool isometric metroidvania inspired by Solstice, Knight Lore, Alien 8 and Metroid.

Much like any good metroidvania, you must explore the world and unlock new abilities which will aid your progress.  You start off with very limited abilities, but you’ll encounter strange totems which hold jewels that will allow you to do things like jump, shoot, and roll. These totems may stand tall and on their own, but there are plenty of strange monsters moving around, looking to kill you.

These monsters are quite freaky, such as like sentinel eyeballs that shoot at you, worms that move around, and devil-esque flying creatures that can bash into you. There are also lakes as well as pools of toxic goo that will kill you if you fall into it. Exploring the deadly world of Isoid isn’t easy, but it can be quite rewarding when you stumble upon new things.  A tricky, trippy and interesting isometric metroidvania.

Note: This game is unfinished, only featuring a single map, and may lead you to empty places or dead ends, but will be updated at a later date.

Note 2:  Jumping can be a little tricky – requiring you to press the direction button and the jump button at the same time.

Play Isoid Here (Browser)