Istrolid – Beta Download


Istrolid, a game being created by a small team of individuals (Treeform, Saktoth and Ketobor), is a super stylish space fighter that blends the RTS strategy of Starcraft with the ability to fully customise every unit you use.

Istrolid has two main focuses for game modes. One being a campaign mode, that teaches you the ins and outs of how to build a ship and also teaches you the practical use of each piece of equipment you unlock as you progress.. The other mode, multiplayer, is being geared towards a more competitive scene, where, unlike campaign, you begin each match with every item unlocked, ready to use at your disposal.

The main gameplay of Istrolid is RTS-styled. You build and design new ships that will outfit a fleet. This fleet will be yours to command and wont hesitate to absolutely obliterate your competition.You start off with around $2000 to start your fleet off. Money is acquired by capturing points on the map, each point giving a certain amount of money every second. Simply put, the more capture points you have, the more money you make, the bigger your armada will be and nothing will ever stop you in your wave of destruction.

Even in this early stage of development, Istrolid makes for an extremely fun and entertaining RTS experience that’s well worth checking out.  Create, command, compete and conquer!

Check out the Istrolid Steam Greenlight Page Here

Download the Istrolid Beta Here (Win, Mac & Browser)