IS(VR)LE – Game Jam Build Download


IS(VR)LE, a mysterious little first person puzzler, made for the global game jam, has you solving strange puzzles to get off a beautiful low poly island.

You have appeared on an island. Around you, there are various boulders, a podium and a painting of dogs playing poker. You must figure out how to leave this island (and no, walking into the water is not an option). To do this you’ll need to solve three puzzles in total and each one of these puzzles is different – some involving pushing buttons, moving pipes, or turning handles. As you solve puzzles the painting of the dogs will change (it’s quite mysterious and may be a puzzle in itself.)

Though IS(VR)LE is short and the puzzles aren’t very taxing, it is a very polished, fun, mysterious little game that does require you to think and figure out what to do on your own. The atmosphere is very pleasant too (especially in VR), and you can even hear the soft sound of the water around you. There’s no big rush to escape, it’s a quite a nice place to sit and chill for a while!

Note: IS(VR)LE also works on GearVR if you really want to set foot on this stylish low poly island!

Download IS(VR)LE Here (Windows & Android – Download Link at Bottom of Page)