It Lies – Game Jam Build Download

It Lies is an intense little first person horror game where you search for your dog in a wheat field that’s home to a Jabberwocky that mimics its prey.

Created for the Cryptic Jam, in It Lies you find yourself standing in a large wheat field, searching for your dog. Due to the height of the wheat it’s hard to see very far, but you can call out to your dog and listen for her barking reply, which you can then use to try and locate her. When you find her she’ll most likely run away again, but she does manage to help you locate key places in the field and notes that give a little backstory about why you should try to get out of there ASAP.

It turns out the field is home to a particularly nasty Jabberwocky – a grotesque beast with big claws, bigger jaws and a serpentine lower body. It’s fast and powerful and it likes to mimic its prey, so you will often hear your own voice coming from it as it chases you through the field (which is very disconcerting).

It’s a very intense horror game with some great sound design and a real sense of terror as you run through the wheat field, unsure of whether you’re about to find your dog or run straight into the Jabberwocky. The good ending is very abrupt (possibly due to time constraints of the jam) and just cuts to the credits as you find your dog for the last time, but the bad ending is better (so you may want to let yourself get caught by the Jabberwocky to see it). Or maybe it’d be best just to run away and get a more obedient dog!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download It Lies Here (Windows)