Itorah – Alpha Demo

Itorah is a beautifully animated non-linear 2D action platforming adventure where you are the only human in a strange land that’s infected by a black plague.

In Itorah you follow the adventure of a young woman who seems to be the last human left alive in a fantasy world full of strange creatures. You and your magical talking hammer will fight your way through the world and restore lost memories that will hopefully allow you to discover what happened to the rest of your kind.

It’s a fun game, with classic non-linear action platforming gameplay that harkens back to the 16 bit era (but with vastly improved graphics). Your character is satisfyingly agile and your talking hammer is great for dispatching enemies. The large, sprawling game world is beautifully animated and there’s lots to discover within it as you embark on your adventure.

Download The Alpha Demo Here (Steam)