It’s a Wrap – Beta Demo

It’s a Wrap is an inventive puzzle platforming adventure set on 80’s movie sets where you can time the actions of environmental events to help your hero reach his goal.

An expanded version of the original game jam prototype, It’s a Wrap is a precision puzzle platfomrer where you don’t just need to perfectly time the movements of your character, but the environmental cues as well. You take control of a low-budget high-action 80’s movie star and attempt to get him from point A to point B in each scene without him failing or horribly dying.

Levels are broken down into two phases – the Director’s Phase and the Action Phase. During the Director’s Phase you can rearrange the timing of different effects and scene work that occur in the background. Then in the Action Phase you take direct control of the hero and attempt to complete the scene without failing.

A quick restart option would be good as you will fail several times before succeeding, but other than that it’s an excellent puzzle platforming adventure that makes great use of its core concept. The sets for the spoof action movies are a lot of fun and figuring out the best way through them makes for a very unique gameplay experience. Lights, Camera, Action!

Download The It’s a Wrap Beta Demo Here (Steam)