It’s a Wrap – Game Jam Build Download

It’s a Wrap is an inventive little puzzle platforming game where you take on the role of a movie director and decide at what times parts of each scene start to move as the film’s hero tries to complete their goal.

Created for the Brackey’s Jam 2020, in It’s a Wrap each level is a scripted scene that you get to control when the various objects start their movements through it. The scenes can be very different – one minute you’ll be rescuing a princess from a dragon and the next you’ll be jumping on asteroids to fight an alien. You need to arrange the timings of the scene in such a way that it allows your hero to traverse it and reach his goal.

It’s a fun concept with cleverly constructed levels and a charming paper cutout visual style. There’s a nice variety between each level and it’s fun trying to figure out each one (though the King Kong one is incredibly tricky). A fun little trip to the movies well worth taking.

Download or Play It’s a Wrap Here (Win, Mac & Browser)