It’s Paper Guy! – Prototype Build

It’s Paper Guy! is a short and charming physics based puzzle adventure that sees you cutting through objects to make it through the games quirky paper world.

Taking just a few minutes to complete, It’s Paper Guy! is a fun little game that allows you to use the mouse to chop up objects in the game world. Not all of the objects in the game world are cuttable, but the objects that are can be sliced any which way you like by simply clicking and dragging the mouse in the direction you’d like to cut.

It’s very short and the puzzles are pretty simple, but it’s a great premise that would be perfect for expanding on. The visuals are simple, but packed full of charm and it’s great fun slicing your way through the games paper world. A sweet little paper chopping adventure well worth checking out.

Download or Play The It’s Paper Guy! Prototype Here (Windows & Browser)