It’s Paper Guy! – Student Project Game

It’s Paper Guy! is an adorable physics based papercraft puzzle adventure in which you can chop up the game world as you solve puzzles, make friends and discover its many secrets.

We first featured It’s Paper Guy! back in January when it was a very short, but sweet prototype and were very impressed by it’s quirky art style and the way you could slice objects in the game world by simply clicking and dragging the mouse in the direction you’d like to cut. The prototype was very short, with just a couple of puzzles and a few minutes of gameplay, but was still great fun and the full build is much more fleshed out, with around 20 minutes of gameplay and a game world that’s packed full of delights to discover.

As you make your way through the whimsical papery world of It’s Paper Guy! you’ll solve puzzles, make friends and even embark on a short seafaring adventure. None of the puzzles are particularly tough, but they’re cleverly crafted and make great use of the cutting mechanics. There’s always something new to discover around every corner and behind every door.

It’s the sort of game that makes you smile from start to finish. The charming art style, the quirky characters, the easter eggs and the paper chopping gameplay all combine to make spending time in the playful paper world of It’s Paper Guy! an absolute delight. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download It’s Paper Guy! Here (Windows)