It’s Under Control – Game Jam Build

Often, life is a balancing act of trying to fill your plate with everything you need and want to do. In It’s Under Control, live is literally a balancing act as you try to fit everything you want to do on a finely balanced platform and keep it balanced enough to last a month.

In It’s Under Control you are looking to balance your life in a way that you can keep it under control. As a functioning human, you need to eat, sleep, and work. Those different tasks are represented by shapes, which must be placed on the balancing platform in a way that the platform does not fall.

If your platform is knocked over, or if three of the shapes fall off, you will gain X’s and move quickly onto the next month. The basic needs that you didn’t end up performing (especially if they all fell) will be double the size. You will need to balance these huge needs in the next month, or risk getting an issue. An issue is a large X, which will need to be balanced alongside the needs themselves.

Once you have everything balanced, you can click next month, and see if it holds for a few seconds. If your month goes well, you’ll start to get learning, hobby, and fun options (new shapes) that you can also balance. You can end up with a nicely balanced and fun life if you are able to be careful on how you stack things up!

Play It’s Under Control Here (Browser)