Itten – Prototype Download


Itten is an innovative color based puzzle platformer in which you change the color of your character to allow you to pass through, stand on-top of or embed yourself inside colored objects.

The theory is simple – change your characters color to allow you to pass through objects of the same color. Thanks to some clever level design, this makes for a remarkably complex experience, with you rapidly switching between colors on-the-fly, in mid-air or even whilst in the middle of objects.

Itten is still very early in development and is just a short three level prototype at the moment, but it’s a great concept that we’d love to see more of.  Surprisingly complex color coded puzzle platforming.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download the Itten Prototype HERE (Win & Mac)

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  1. Enjoyed the pretty short demo :) how about combining the color-chance with the wasd-keys? rgb are a little difficult to handle. Nice work guys!

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