IVOR – Game Jam Build Download

IVOR is a fast paced old school FPS where a valiant Viking hacks and shoots his way through the Al-Father’s army of undead monsters.

Created for the E1M1 Magazine Jam, IVOR is a retro run ‘n gun first person shooter set inside a Norse inspired world. In the game you take on the role of a Viking Drengr who has been unjustly left to rot in a dungeon by the Al-Father. You now fight your way out of the dungeon and search for revenge as you blast your way through hordes of undead monstrosities.

It could do with a checkpoint system, but other than that IVOR is a fantastic little slice of retro run ‘n gun fun. The weapons feel great (especially the shotgun), the audio/visual design is excellent and the various enemies offer a nice amount of challenge. There’s also a good amount of variety to the world design, with you starting in a cramped little dungeon, fighting along cliff edges and fighting hordes of monsters in open snowy expanses. Time to unleash your inner Viking!

Download IVOR Here (Windows & Linux)