Izel’s Observatory – Prototype Download

Izel’s Observatory is a challenging underwater 2D mermaid metroidvania action adventure where you unlock new abilities and brave treacherous cavern systems to escape your imprisonment.

In Izel’s Observatory you take on the role of Izel, a mermaid who loves studying the stars. Unfortunately she’s recently made some discoveries in the stars that threaten the power of the high priestesses that rule your society, causing you to be promptly locked up and scheduled to be executed. You now have to escape and try to find your way home via a large network of underwater caverns full of deadly hazards.

The core gameplay in Izel’s Observatory is great fun, with your little mermaid being very responsive and a nice selection of upgrades to unlock. For the most part the level design is very well done too, with a diverse selection of biomes, secret areas and different types of enemies to deal with. However, there is a section near the end that is so insanely hard that it feels like the developer is actively trolling you.

You’ll need a steady temper and lightning fast reflexes to make it to the end of the current build, but even if you don’t it’s a very impressive game. The pixel art animation is superb, Izel handles well and the underwater world is a joy to explore (aside from that damn giant eel section!)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Izel’s Observatory Prototype Here (Windows)