Izle – Pre-Alpha Demo

Izle game

Izle is a beautiful low poly procedural action adventure game where you must use your terraforming powers to help rebuild your world.

You play as one of a surviving race of light, who after escaping from darkness, must rebuild the last world of light to survive.  The game has beautiful looking low-poly, voxel-based visuals, and allows you to you mine and collect resources in this fully destructible world, then use these resources for creating tools and structures.

This is no mere Minecraft-copy though, it’s much more of a story based adventure, with you battling hostile creatures in engaging combat as you try and rebuild and protect Izle (the last world of light), from invading shadows.

Even in these early stages of development, Izle looks and plays wonderfully.  It’s an engaging action adventure game full of terraforming possibilities – and voxels have never looked so pretty!

Download The Izle Pre-Alpha Demo On The Kickstarter Page HERE (Win & Mac)