Jack and Casie – Prototype Download

Jack and Casie is a unique inventory-based puzzle action game about a special case and a skilled soldier, traveling around the world, picking up and using whatever useful items they find.

Jack and Casie don’t have much of a history. Casie is simply a warrior, who found Jack – a “walking talking superdimensional storage closet”. Jack wants to know more about his origins, so Casie is taking them to the capitol. Hopefully, someone there can figure out what Jack is.

On their adventure, Jack and Casie stop at different checkpoints to talk to people and sell things in their shop. The various people at each checkpoint have a lot of wisdom to offer, especially at the start of your journey. The real action begins once you are on the path between checkpoints. As you walk around, a ‘ground’ inventory of items you are walking by appears. These items can include trash, food, ammo, guns, weapons, and more. All of them can be collected, as long as you have room in your inventory and grab them before they go off the screen.

You will need to constantly be arranging your inventory in a way that you can keep what you want. Some items, like ammo and guns, can be combined (as a way of reloading). You can even create food in a pan and cook it on the stove! There is a small bar in the top row of your personal inventory. This is the row of stuff that Casie will grab when she is fighting. You will need to be aware of what is blocking this line – weapons without ammo, garbage, food does not help Casie fight. Once she has used an item, she also throws it back into the floor for you to grab once again, if you want to keep it.

Jack and Casie is a wonderfully quirky adventure with memorable characters, great pixel art animation and original gameplay that actually makes rearranging stuff in your inventory fun. Definitely worth rearranging some space on your hard drive for!

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Download Jack and Casie Prototype Here (Windows)